Powells. Quality Malt Suppliers

Serving the brewing, baking and food industries

POWELLS was established to create an alternative supply of specialty malted products to the baking & brewing industries. Powells provides quality products at very competitive prices and in quantities appropriate to our varied customers needs.

Powells commenced operations in 2004 at The Maltings, located in Romsey, Victoria, 45 minutes north of the Melbourne CBD. The Maltings was specifically designed to produce malts of the highest quality in small batch sizes.

Recognising the nutritional advantages gained through malting, Powells expanded its operation to include wholegrain malted flakes and flour for the food & baking industries. These advantages include improved bio-availability of key nutritional elements, increased mineral content, enhanced anti-oxidant capability and higher vitamin levels.

Four years later, Powells moved to larger premises in Mordialloc to cater for the increased demand of malted wholegrain products, particularly by the food and baking industries.

The new Maltings is automated with state of the art cleaning equipment commensurate with supplying a food grade product. Powells has HACCP accreditation through SAI Global.

Powells now produces a range of malts for the rapidly expanding micro-brewing industry as well as a range of wholegrain malted flakes and flours for a variety of well known brands in the food and baking industries.

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